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TOBYhouse has explored a number of different materials with optically shifting properties. The idea that the very act of lookinbg at an object activates its surface and breathes life into it, is fascinating: The nature of the object is entwined with the experience of it.

Iridescent Pleated Paper shades are a range of faceted paper shades, flat-packed for home assembley, that exploit the warmth of light, and incredible colour changing properties of iridescent multi-chromatic surfaces.

TOBYhouse comissioned the custom fabrication of a unique prismatic card-stock (it is not available else where) that when backlit changes colour along the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green section of the rainbow in accordance with viewing angle.

The faceted geometry of the pleated Iridescent Lampshade forms, exploit the multitude of surface angles presented in their circular geometry, resulting in a complex pattern of shifting rainbow-glow and gentle undulating warm colours.
When not lit, the surface is a beautiful metallic pink and silvery pale blue colour, but it really comes alive when turned on: Backlit the Iridescent Shades have this warm glow and have hilights of reds and greens with a gentle shifting liquid effect.

Irridescent Shades are available in two different shapes:

THE TULIP (h33cm) is open to the bottom, so has a warm colour on its surface, and casts good bright light light downwards. This would be ideal for hallways or spaces that need good light.

THE BOULE (h35cm) is pinched-in both top and bottom so it emits a warm gentle glow all around with a small bright spot at the bottom. This is great for bedrooms, or living rooms where a more atmosheric feel is important.


£60.00 for either shape + shipping.

MATERIALS: Irridescent paper card stock, delivered in a folded concertina shape. Plastic clip-rivets hold the shade in shape and a transparent plastic star-shaped hanging support connects to the pendant fitting.

Size: TULIP 33cm tall x 27cm diam. BOULE 35cm tall x 27cm diam.

FITTING: To attach to a standard Euro ES 40mm shade fitting. A reducer is required in order to fit to a standard UK 29mm bulb fitting (supplied here with all orders shipped to UK adresses).

MAX POWER: Shade is for use with Compact Fluorescent CFL bulbs only. MAX bulb rating is 10Watts. (ecquivalent to old 100W bulbs).

INSTALLATION: The shade is easily attached to the pendant fitting in more or less the usual way.

ASSEMBLEY: Whilst not complex, practical competence is required, as is some strength in the hands to close the plastic clip-rivets. Asssistence may be required.


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